Six Things You Shouldn’t Assume About Using A Courier Service

If you need to regularly deliver items as part of your business operations, it could be a good idea to use a courier service. Don't be discouraged from using a courier service because you're misinformed. The following are six things you shouldn't assume about using a courier service.  

Courier services aren't as reliable as the postal service.

It's not uncommon for people to assume that they can't expect courier services to be as reliable and trustworthy as the post office. However, the truth is that a good courier service is less likely to lose a package or make a late delivery than the post office. 

You won't be able to afford a courier service.

Some people don't even look into the possibility of using a courier service because they assume that courier services deliver packages at much more expensive prices than the post office does. When you research the prices of courier services, you may be surprised at how inexpensively they can deliver your packages for you. 

It doesn't matter which courier service you use.

Courier services are not all the same. Some courier services focus on making deliveries for companies in specific industries. Some courier services offer features like package tracking and security options, but not all do. Research the differences among various courier services in your area before you choose one to deliver your packages. 

Courier services only deliver small items.

People often associate courier services with the delivery of small items that can be transported in a car. Yet many courier services will actually deliver very large or fragile items. Courier services can also often deliver items that need to maintain a certain temperature while they're being transported to their destination. 

You should just handle deliveries by yourself rather than hiring a courier service.

Doing deliveries yourself can take up a lot of your time. This time could be better spent taking care of other tasks that are essential to your company's operations. Outsourcing deliveries by using courier services can make your company operations significantly more efficient and productive. 

Your customers don't want or need same-day delivery.

Generally speaking, only courier services can make it possible for you to offer deliveries the next day because the postal service and standard shipping services don't typically offer this option. Don't underestimate how attractive offering same-day delivery can make your company to prospective customers. You might find that you get much more business if you're able to offer customers the option of getting packages they ordered from you delivered the next day. 

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