Moving Your Company To A New Place? Try These Tips

When your company starts to succeed, you may need to hire new employees and move to a bigger warehouse or office. You can make the entire move easier for everyone involved if you make use of the following ideas.

Notify Those Outside the Company Right Away

After telling your employees about your decision to move, you might want to immediately dive into the act of packing. However, before doing anything else, be sure to draft a letter or email that will notify everyone else you have professional dealings with. That list could include:

  • Past and Current Clients
  • Vendors and Suppliers
  • Post Office
  • Carpet Cleaning Company.

Give the above entities proper notice so they can update their records accordingly. By remembering this tip, you can avoid communication problems that can cause delays in work schedules and friction with those that you need to remain on good terms with.

Talk About the New Layout

As soon as you pack up everything and are ready to leave, it's a good idea to sit down with your employees to discuss the layout of the new location. You may be surprised to discover that they may prefer the printers to be in a different location or that they would like to have the on-site files kept somewhere else. Being able to discuss that before the move happens can give you the chance to make any changes that everyone can agree on.

Designate a Group for Each Location

When the day of your company's move happens, it's wise to have two groups in place at both the old and new place. This will ensure that everything is labeled and moved properly in the old building while simultaneously allowing workers in the new building to direct moving staff and start unpacking.

Unpack Electronic Devices and Accessories Before Anything Else

Just as it can take a lot of time and care to pack cords, peripheral devices, printers, computers and other such equipment, it is going to take some time to ensure that everything is reattached, powered up and ready to function. That's why it is wise to pack and unpack those items before any of your other cargo. If you run into a problem reassembling everything, you will have time to sort things out while your other things are transported and unpacked.

Ensure that you make your company's transition to a new location by heeding the suggestions above. Remain calm and talk with your staff about how best to proceed, and enlist the help of a reputable local commercial moving company that can supply even more guidance for your move.