Responsibly Package Hazardous Materials That Are Being Shipped Nationwide

The transportation of hazardous materials must be handled responsibly, and this involves packaging products properly and clearly marking corrugated boxes or shipping containers so that anyone who is handling or receiving a shipment will take extra care to ensure their safety. If you have recently added a potentially combustible liquid product to your inventory and plan on shipping it nationwide, provide your shipper with notice and learn the proper way to package and document the shipment. 

Contact Your Shipper

A private or commercial shipping outfitter will need to follow federal guidelines and will furnish a list of acceptable and non-acceptable products that can be shipped. Your items may need to be shipped at ground level and international deliveries may be prohibited. If you plan on shipping to the contiguous states, provide your shipper with information about the hazardous materials that will need to be transported and the region where they will be sent to.

You will also need to stabilize the liquid products by placing them inside of a protective container prior to placing them inside of a shipping box or by standing bottles or cans upward and using packaging materials to secure the items. Each carton will need to be clearly marked, with labels that identify the upward direction of the products and labels that indicate that a hazardous material is inside of the package.

Seek Help With the Packaging Process

Your shipper can supply you with packaging materials and labels that are necessary for the shipment of hazardous materials. If you do not have the proper items on hand, avoid trying to pack the hazardous materials, since you may be wasting your time and may be required to start the process over once the shipper has inspected your efforts. If you are going to require assistance, inquire about the manner in which you should carry the products into the shipping facility, since there may be a specific protocol that is followed.

If you have extra material safety data sheets, which pertain to the products and their hazardous qualities, bring these with you, since a shipping outfitter may require this information prior to deeming your products as eligible for shipment. By using the services that are offered through your shipper, you will have a reliable way to check on the status of an order and will be notified when the recipient has received the products that you have sent to them. 

For more information on shipping and packaging hazardous materials, contact a local shipping company.