Four Void Fillers To Protect Packages For Shipping

When it comes to shipping items, you want to make sure your items are packaged properly. Void fillers offer an ideal solution for providing cushion and protection against damage during the shipping process. Here are a few options to consider as you stock up on packaging materials.

Newsprint Sheets

Newsprint sheets offer versatile options for preparing packages for shipping. They can be used to wrap fragile items, and they can also be balled up to fit into corners and between items. Look for a newsprint with a sturdy paper weight, as this provides the cushion you need without having to use too many sheets. You can also have your newsprint custom-printed with your company logo as a great marketing strategy.

Foam Wrap

Foam wrap, like newsprint, can be used to wrap items, but it also creates a cushioned layer at the top and bottom of boxes. Layering the foam wrap around the inside of each box prevents items from bumping against the sides in transit. You can also tape the foam wrap into small bundles to fill the voids in corners of boxes. Use thinner wrap for smaller items, and use thick foam to create a cushion underneath electronics and other large items before shipping.

Anti-Static Peanuts

Anti-static peanuts are an ideal option for filling voids because they can fit into small spaces. You can purchase bags of peanuts to pour into boxes for easy application, or you can fill small boxes with a simple scoop. Packing peanuts can also be used inside your manufacturer packaging to keep products protected even when they are not in transit.

Air Pillows

Air pillows are simple plastic pockets filled with air. They typically come in long lines, which can be cut to fit your items. When filled with air, they create a cushion that defends against damage. They can be used to fill spaces in between items, line the bottom of boxes, or wrap items securely. These pillows are ideal for protecting high-value items, such as electronics, but they can also be used for small household appliances and tools as well.

Of course, there are many other ways to fill voids. From tissue paper and newspaper to bubble wrap, the possibilities are many. Look at the different products you ship every day to determine which options are best for your business. In some cases, you might even find that using all of these options will help protect your inventory during shipping.

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